Centreless Grinding


The term ‘centreless’ indicates that the bar or part is not placed between any centering device, but supported by a wheel which is situated between the grinding and regulating wheels. Precision centreless grinding represents our major machining service since 1981, providing customers with close tolerance machining, coupled with fast turnaround to meet today‚Äôs industry challenges.
We offer through feed plunge and bar grinding with plunge capacity up to 75mm diameter and 380mm length, thru capacity up to 75mm diameter and bar capacity up to 125mm diameter in materials as varied as steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass, bronze, copper, copper tungsten, aluminium, nickel chrome and plastics. Since expanding into our new premises, we have increased our bar grinding capacity to take 6m bar lengths. We can handle batch sizes of 1-100,000 plus components, with thru capacity up to 75mm diameter and bar capacity up to 125mm and 6m in length.
Equipment includes plunge grinders fitted with pace infeed units for holding extremely close tolerances. Thru feed grinders are bowl fed for high production/long running work; accuracy is maintained due to the constant feed of the vibratory bowl.

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